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Ranitidine and Zantac Recall

· Ranitidine,Zantac Recall

Recently I was asked by a relative if the Zantac pain relief medication had a recall recently. She was shocked when I told her that there had been a Zantac recall. She then asked if it was OTC (over the counter) medicine or if it was a prescription medicine. The latter is true. In fact, this is a prescription medicine. But, Zantac is a non-prescription only medicine that was recalled because of the ingredient oxycodone. Read on and learn more here.

It was recalled back in 2020 and was the second most recalled prescription medication of all times. Zantac was a very popular non-prescription drug for acute pain. Zantac was known by the name Zantac, but they changed the name to just Zantac. When a non-prescription is recalled, the company issuing the alert usually gives the brand name of the product and a contact number. In this case, the company issued a safety warning about the risks of taking ranitidine.

It is important to remember that Ranitidine, whether as a prescription or an over-the-counter medicine, can cause cancer-causing cells to grow. If you take ranitidine and take it in conjunction with an inflammatory condition, your health could be in jeopardy. This is one of the reasons why Zantac was recalled.

Zantac was recalled due to the results of a study conducted on rats. Rats in the study were injected with high temperatures. The rats in this study that were given name showed severe changes in their blood vessels. This chemical substance causes high temperatures in the body which can lead to circulatory problems. Circulatory problems are known to lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The FDA is currently conducting another investigation to determine whether or not there is a link between Zantac and the development of heart disease. There is also a recall being conducted on a generic version of Zantac. Generic Zantac is being recalled by all pharmaceutical companies due to reports of adverse events related to the use of this medication. In addition to Ranitidine, the generic name is being recalled because it too can cause circulation problems. These drugs do not normally interact with each other.

Both generic name and ranitidine are listed in the US FDA's Citrus Medications Drug Database. In both instances, the generic medications were pulled from the market due to reports of adverse events. The FDA is conducting additional investigations to determine whether or not these two medications are capable of causing connections to human carcinogens. Ranitidine is being recalled along with its generic variant due to the fact that name has been linked to human carcinogens. The association of Ranitidine and human carcinogens is not fully understood at this time. Browse this link to see more info -

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